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Build premium apps for your clients

Your clients deserve the best mobile app solution out there. Forget DIY app builders with basic capabilities. Create premium native mobile apps and PWAs without blowing up your budget.

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Launched over 1.000 apps worldwide

Proven track record

Building apps for clients without adding headcount is an easy way to expand your agencies’ portfolio. But steer clear of bad software. You need a reliable platform with a proven track record of driving mobile revenue.


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What you will get:

Fast & Easy setup

Native e-commerce app

Turn webstores into a native app with our plugin. Customize the design and manage configurations. See the app up & running in 30 days or less.

Freedom to tweak and build custom functionalities


Not every client will have the same needs and demands. Our app development platform and SDK gives you the freedom to tweak and build the custom functionality your customers need.

4.8 star average review in AppStores

Premium UX & features

Buying behaviours in B2B and B2C are different. We’ve created a distinguished experience & features for both types of users. They match all the wants and wishes of today’s shoppers. Plus, new feature updates are enrolled quarterly and included in the plan.

Help your clients becoming future proof for the rapidly changing B2B market

B2B solutions

Say hello to our flexible Open-SaaS platform and complete your clients’ B2B strategy to increase the ‘ease of doing business’ significantly.

What are the most important reasons to launch a native shopping app?

‘Higher conversion rates for branded apps compared to mobile responsive. Brand presence on the handset. Higher repeat custom, direct conversation with the end user.’

Michael Clarke


– Spinup Digital

Small investment

Big return

Responsive sites are simply not enough for some clients. Giving you full access to our platform means your agency can add value without adding to your team.

For an affordable monthly fee to keep the app running, your agency can start building apps and create an extra revenue channel. What you bill your clients is completely up to you.

Integrated with your clients’ stores

Fully synched with e-commerce platforms

We know e-commerce teams have a million things to manage. That’s why webstores and apps need to be seamlessly integrated and synced. New products, prices or running out of stock? No problem.

‘We chose Jmango because we found the right mix between the easy delivery of a standard native app well integrated with Adobe Commerce but at the same time a team available and able to customize the app in a tailored way.’

Fabio Canovi

– Basiliko

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